Tech Innovations

Interactive tech enhancing the shopper experience & advertisers’ customer engagement.

Contextual messaging

  • Tactical messaging automatically triggered by environmental factors such as Heat, Cold, Rain, UV/Pollution.

Live RSS feeds

  • Access to automated data feeds linked to various events allow you to broadcast contextually relevant messaging in real-time across our national digital assets automatically.

Social Wall

  • Fully-automated digital technical innovation showcasing the immediacy and interactive capability of digital out-of-home (DOOH), by linking live social feeds to be displayed onto mall digital screens instantaneously.

QR code technology

  • Scannable QR technology gives contactless, safe access to information in mall. It can drive one-on-one interactions with shoppers & purchase intent; & enable advertisers to provide vouchers/discount coupons.


  • Mall digital integrates with tech to create interactive campaigns engaging with shoppers. The interactive capability executes exciting campaigns where shoppers can participate in ‘Spin & Win’ promotion.

Augmented Reality

  • Blending of digital interactive elements with real-life to produce a simultaneous virtual-real-world experience. Technology and shoppers interact to reinforce advertisements to offer unique experiences for their visitors.

3D / Anamorphic content

  • 3D or Deep Screen is content that uses various depth cues & visual effects to create the illusion of depth on a 2-dimensional screen. This makes elements on the flat screen appear to have different levels of depth. Anamorphic content is a distortion technique that alters the aspect ratio of an image to fit a particular screen size or shape. This includes creating visually striking and attention-grabbing visuals that make the most of the available screen space.