Point of Purchase

Touchpoints to educate and engage with millions of consumers at each stage of their shopping journey.

Primedia Instore has over 35 years of media expertise, specialising in holistic campaign management on behalf of our valued clients. With a national store universe of over 1500 leading grocery, pharmacy and liquor retailers, Primedia Instore has the largest national retail footprint to ensure your brand is showcased through the right media channels, in the right places and to the right audience.

Our unique, impactful and innovative media solutions maximise brand presence and inform purchase decisions. From aisle wings to in-store screens, shelf fronts to product demonstrations, magazines to online advertising, Primedia Instore offers a multitude of touchpoints to educate and engage with millions of consumers at each stage of their shopping journey.

By leveraging our retail expertise and insights honed over the last four decades, our media solutions enable brands to communicate with shoppers at home and online, as they enter stores, navigate the aisles and pay at the till points. By optimising and integrating multiple touchpoints and brand messages into your overall marketing strategy, our clients can engage more effectively with targeted shoppers and deliver a meaningful return on marketing investment. Our knowledgeable team is on-hand to assist with all your campaign requirements, from conceptualisation to design, all the way through to post-campaign analysis. 

Point of Purchase

Maximise your brand through the right media channels and inform purchase decisions.

Lifestyle Connections

In front of consumers while they navigate throughout their daily experiences.

Build Brand Awareness

Dominant exposure through the use of large-format advertising in unique urban spaces.

Engaging Consumers

Inform and efficiently market your brand to those consumers who want your product.