Place media in front of consumers while they navigate through daily activities and shopping experiences.

TLC has over 20 years of experience operating in the ambient OOH space, which has afforded us the privilege of creating, developing and implementing unique and effective communication channels. TLC traditionally operates in 9 lifestyle environments namely Airports, Malls, Gyms, Nightlife, Salons, Campus, Healthcare, Cinema and FNB Stadium with a large portion of our focus being placed on the washroom environment.

The uniqueness of our offering is what makes TLC a success and grants our clients the unique opportunity to educate and inform a captivated audience for extended periods of time in an uncluttered environment with gender-specific targeting.

With our vast number of touchpoints and years of knowledge is what enables us to place media in front of consumers while they navigate through their daily activities and shopping experience, a large portion of our media falls within close proximity to the point of purchase which aids in influencing the buying decision.

Point of Purchase

Maximise your brand through the right media channels and inform purchase decisions.

Lifestyle Connections

In front of consumers while they navigate throughout their daily experiences.

Build Brand Awareness

Dominant exposure through the use of large-format advertising in unique urban spaces.

Engaging Consumers

Inform and efficiently market your brand to those consumers who want your product.