Impactful Static

  • Visibility and brand awareness

    Static media in shopping malls are strategically placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum visibility. This helps in building brand awareness as shoppers repeatedly see the advertisements while moving around the mall.

  • Tangible presence

    Physical advertisements have a tangible presence that cannot be ignored. Shoppers walking by or waiting in queues are more likely to notice and absorb information from static media.

  • Longevity

    Well-made static media can remain effective over time, especially for evergreen advertising campaigns. Unlike digital ads that might disappear after a few seconds, static media can maintain visibility for weeks or even months.

  • Visual impact

    High-quality designs, colours, and imagery on static media can create a strong visual impact. This can be particularly useful in conveying a brand's identity, message, or a limited-time offer.

Parkade Branding

  • First point of contact on entering the mall and last message on exiting.

  • Area dominance void of other messaging.

  • Cost effective reach.

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Interior Billboards

  • Sites strategically positioned for maximum visibility and effectiveness.

  • Impactful sizes ensure brand dominance in key convergence areas.

  • Perfectly suited for brand awareness as it delivers consistent brand presence among a captive audience.

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Hanging Banners

  • Offer walkway or area message dominance.

  • Bold and repetitive in direct line of sight.

  • Area specific targeting allows for strategic placement of brand messaging.

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Escalator Branding

  • Strategically located in high-traffic areas and one of the most visible elements in the shopping environment, ensures your brand reaches a large and diverse shopper audience.

  • Escalator branding provides a unique and innovative advertising space, which can set your brand apart from competitors and leave a memorable impression on shoppers.

  • Novel and attention grabbing.

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Elevator Branding

  • Provide advertisers with the opportunity for clever, tactical communication.

  • Reaches a captive audience with high dwell time.

  • Targeted audience (e.g., moms with prams or high-volume trolley buyers).

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Washroom and Lifestyle Advertising

  • Captures a captive audience, ensuring focused attention and higher engagement with your message.

  • Delivers unavoidable brand exposure in an environment free of clutter.

  • Cost-effective reach compared to other traditional media.

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