Core Functions

  • Ability to segment audiences per mall allows for target specific reach.

  • Reaches a captive audience with a high propensity for shopping.

  • Serves as the last window of influence and has the power to persuade.

  • Mall media offer advertisers the ability to drive consideration, trial and conversion.

  • Mall media is strategically placed at key touchpoints to ensure notability and for brands to remain top-of-mind throughout the shopping journey.

  • Cost effective media exposure communicating to shoppers who are in a shopping frame of mind.

Shopping is the main driver of getting people out and about and

of shoppers recall seeing Out-of-Home advertising 30 minutes
before shopping compared to 6% recall on TV.

Malls encourage consumers to spend, and advertising in this environment guarantees that brands will make it to that final, desirable destination: the shopping basket.

Mall advertising is conducive to converting awareness of a brand to a purchase up to 90% of the time.